On the 23rd May, 2015, I played a benefit with my band – renamed The Average Height Band, for the occasion – in a secret location!
There were going to be lots of kids at the show, so I thought that, rather than bore them with my stately originals, I’d play some exciting cover versions that everyone might know: Carly Rae, Taylor, Lady Gaga and so forth. It was a fair reflection of what my children were listening to at the time. The band learned all the songs; we rehearsed once (and never through a sound system); did the soundcheck; then played the show.
I mentioned this show online yesterday and interest in it turned out to be HIGH, so here it is.
The set list was:
1. I Really Like You (as originally sung by Carly Rae Jepsen)
2. Shake It Off (as originally sung by Taylor Swift)
3. Wrecking Ball (as originally sung by Miley Cyrus)
4. All About That Bass (as originally sung by Meghan Trainor)
5. Call Me Maybe (as originally sung by Carly Rae Jepsen)
6. The Fox (as originally sung by Ylvis)
7. Lips Are Movin’ (as originally sung by Meghan Trainor)
8. Poker Face (as originally sung by Lady Gaga)
9. Something I Don’t Know (as originally sung by Selena Gomez)
10. Get Lucky (as originally sung by Daft Punk)
11. And We Danced (as originally sung by The Hooters)
12. I’m A Believer (as originally sung by The Monkees)

This entire concert can now be found at my soundcloud page:

 (I’ve cut out the chat because there was a *lot* of it.)
The band was:
Wesley Stace – Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
David Nagler – Keyboards
Sam McIlvain – Electric Guitar
Eddie Carlson – Bass
Adam Gold – Drums
Patrick Berkery – Percussion
Eric Bazilian – Vocals and Guitar on the last two songs
The tape was recorded by Michael Comstock.
We didn’t manage to get the entire live version of I Really Like You, so I’ve taken the liberty of including the soundcheck version of that song as well, even though I stop it just before the intro to the first verse.