Wesley Stace JESSOLD interview by Tilda Stace, aged 4: 8/3/11



My daughter, Tilda, aged 4, asked to interview me for school. I kept notes of her various questions and subsequent remarks:


What is your favourite colour?

Your favourite thing to do with family?
Hide and seek
(“Good choice”)
Your favourite work?
Playing the guitar
(“Good choice. That’s my favourite too”)
What do you like to do best with yr family?
Have a cuddle
(Massive laughter)
Your favourite dinner?
(“Of course”)
Your favourite Japanese?
Salmon sashimi
(“Ha ha! That’s my favourite too!”)
Your favourite lunch?
A banana
(Peals of laughter)
Your favourite movie?
A Matter of Life and Death
(She corrects me: “Your favourite movie is Arsenal because you watch it.”)
Who do you like to play with?
My band
(“That’s a joke”)
Your favourite game (She immediately suggests Mousetrap)?
(“I knew it!”)
Your Favourite place to go?
To see Granny in England
(“My favourite place to go and I’ve got the suitcase for it.”)
What’s your favourite thing to do with me?
Read to you in bed and doing an interview
(“Both of those things are your favourite things to do with me.”)
What’s your favourite thing to play on the guitar?
My new songs
(She seems to find this hard to believe.)
What’s your favourite thing to do outside with me …. at christmas? Sledding? Building a snowman?
Walking in the Woods in the snow
(“Good! I hadn’t said that one!”)
Your favourite wish that you really want? Mine is seeing a real unicorn rainbow. You might get me one if you really want to next time you go to work.
Mine is that we all never get sick
(“We do get sick.”)
Can you do flips?
(“He doesn’t… Daddy can’t do flips.”)
Do you like ice cream?
Yes, I like caramel swirl.
What’s your second favourite colour? Second! I’m looking for your second. Clue?
What’s your third favourite colour? Yellow?
(“That’s Lulu’s favourite colour.”)
Do you like Dogs?
Do you like Cats?
Not as much as dogs
Do you do treadmilling still?
Yes, I do.
(“Daddy still does treadmilling on what I’m sitting on. That’s all I need from you. Making friends. Can I watch Dino Dan?”