Videos of new songs “Live From The Library”

Hear a new John Wesley Harding song “Live From the Library” every day leading up to the release of The Sound of His Own Voice 10/11

John Wesley Harding fans excited to get their hands on his upcoming album The Sound of His Own Voice can stream a track off the album each day leading up until its release on 10/11. Starting today on Amazon, fans can watch exclusive acoustic videos of Wes playing each song live in his library at home. It will stay up for 24 hours before the next song takes its place. You can visit John Wesley Harding’s Official Amazon Artist Page (linked right there) each day to watch the videos according to the schedule below:


9/28 – “Sing Your Own Song”

9/29 – “I Should Have Stopped”

9/30 – Captain Courageous (On Disko Island)”

10/1 – “I Might Be Dead”

10/2 – “Uncle Dad”

10/3 – “The Way We Weren’t”

10/4 – “There’s A Starbucks (Where the Starbucks Used to Be)”

10/5 – “The Colloquy of Mole & Mr. Eye”

10/6 – “Gentleman Caller”

10/7 – “Calling Off the Experiment”

10/8 – “The Examiners”

10/9 – “Good News & Bad News”

10/10 – “The World in Song”