You can preorder the new album, and get two immediate downloads of songs, as of NOW. Here are a few words I wrote about it:

New Album from John Wesley Harding – In Stores 10/11/11
Thoughts on The Sound Of His Own Voice, and its Pre-Order, from Doktor J.W.Harding

“I was lucky to get to make The Sound Of His Own Voice with such a startling array of talent, and I’m thrilled Yep Roc are releasing it. Even more than that, however, I’m thrilled Yep Roc are handling the pre-order, because doing it myself for the last album literally drove me insane – particularly after a friend suggested shipping framed posters, which was the worst idea of all time. So: go Yep Roc! Yep!
As for you, the listener, a suggestion: the vinyl with the digital download is the way to go. The amazing cover by Jamie Baldridge will never look better than twelve-inch squared, and those 180 grams, surrounded in a glossy and extravagant gatefold sleeve, will make you feel that you’re king of all you survey. Jamie Baldridge is a genius and it was so great that he wanted to take the photo for the cover. I have two Baldridge prints in my own front room, and now you can have one of your own – because, apart from the CD and the vinyl, and a resplendent T-shirt (in a color officially known as “cardinal”), there is also a beautiful print of the cover on offer, which will be signed by both Jamie and myself. As for the album, the music may speak for itself, but the lyrics will be available on my website shortly.
Who’s on the record? More people than you can shake a stick at: the band is John Moen, Nate Query, Jenny Conlee-Drizos and Christopher Funk (members of The Decemberists), Peter Buck (R.E.M.), Scott McCaughey (The Minus Five). The album also features the sounds of these people’s own voices: Rosanne Cash, John Roderick (The Long Winters) and Laura Veirs.
And now let me try this line out for the first, but probably not the last, time:
‘John Wesley Harding LOVES The Sound of His Own Voice, and hopes you do too.’



There are many nice pictures, and places to spend your money, HERE. I recommend you do so.

very best wishes from Watch Hill, RI, as Hurricane Irene knocks on our door,