I just posted this on Facebook, but someone pointed out that you have to be on Facebook to see it. To which I say: Get a Facebook account. But, in the interest of those who find getting a Facebook account reprehensible, beyond them or just unnecessary, I’ll post it here as well. I said:

SALE OFFER Until sunday midnight *ONLY*, a TOTALLY FREE copy of either Love Hall Tryst’s Songs of Misfortune or Trad Arr Jones with ANY purchase from – simply state your preference in your order – it won’t be noted in your CCNOW order, but your chosen extra CD will arrive with your purchase. Offer starts NOW and ends tomorrow at MIDNIGHT.

And that’s it. So now you can get on with it, whether you have a Facebook account or not, or ignore it, as you might well have done anyway.

I’m just trying to cheer us all up on what has turned out to be a very glum day.