Charles Jessold’s very own website

The Charles Jessold Society (UK) have chosen to commemorate the American publication of “Charles Jessold, Considered as a Murderer” with the launch of their website – it’s a rather shoddy and amateurish site, but contains a few scraps of interest. There’s a lovely contemporary sketch of the composer, a picture of his childhood home, and links to some of Jessold’s music. Furthermore, there is a link to the critic Leslie Shepherd’s chronological catalogue of Jessold’s work. As he said in his papers: “They may also debate the numbering system I have devised, in the course of writing this book, for Jessold’s opus. Mozart’s catalogue hads the prefix K, Schubert his D-numbers, Bach BWV. Jessold now has S-numbers 1-63.” (Apparently, he finally opted for “Sh” numbers as though he was telling himself to be quiet.)

Kirkus’ review of “Charles Jessold, Considered as a Murderer” has a firm grasp of the facts, though the identity of the composer Arnold Schkenberg is unknown.