Not the most interesting blog ever, but certainly not the dullest

A very wonderful Cabinet on thursday night – this new early evening spot is working out very well, particularly for the audience. Here is what happened, including songs by The Zombies, Matching Mole, The Hollies, Abba, Big Star and something that looks like a Randy Newman song but is in fact by Sondre Lerche. I’m not saying that many covers is a good thing, I’m just saying it’s what happened.

Le Poisson Rouge
NYC 4.15.10

  1. Intro/poems – Everyone
  2. Friends of Mine – Authros (Rick Moody & JWH)
  3. Signed Curtain – Authros (Rick Moody & JWH)
  4. Reading – Ben Greenman
  5. Music Doesn’t Want Me Parts 1-3 – Daniel Felsenfeld Singers
  6. Swing Gently – Leona Ness
  7. Leave Your Boyfriends Behind – Leona Naess
  8. Comedy – Larry Murphy
  9. The Way It Is – Nicole Atkins
  10. The Tower – Nicole Atkins
  11. The Air That I Breathe – Nicole, JWH & The English UK
  12. A Very Short Story – Wes
  13. Tribute to Eugene Mirman – Wes & Larry Murphy (& Erica)
  14. Two-Way Monologue – Sondre Lerche
  15. I Guess It’s Gonna Rain Today – Sondre Lerche
  16. Ballad of El Goodo – Sondre Lerche, JWH & The English UK
  17. A Very Sorry Saint – JWH & The English UK
  18. Top of the Bottom – JWH & The English UK

Encore: Ring Ring – Everyone

And now I’m off to Play Bordentown, NJ. Possibly see you there. Thank you so much to all the featured artists, and of course the wonderful Band, at thursday’s Cabinet. We’ll be back on May 20th with, among others, Buffalo Tom, Kristin Hersh, Janeane Garofolo, Robbie Fulks, Paul Muldoon and Eugene Mirman. And that’s not all.

Meanwhile, myspace has died a death, whereas Twitter is where it’s all happening. I have to work out a way to tie them all in together.

And the good news is that my next novel – Charles Jessold, Considered as a Murderer – will be published by PICADOR in the USA, in February 2011. Sounds very science-fictional, 2011. The UK hardback will be coming out long before then and I will import a small number of those hardbacks for any interested parties.

with best wishes to all