More Old Songs Than New

A bona-fide career retrospective in Bordentown last night. I don’t know why I played so many older songs, but there you are. It’s possibly lethal to be left in a room with a computer while I’m waiting to play. It meant that I spent time looking up lyrics to old songs rather than doing what I’m normally doing, which is chatting and having a drink. Anyway:

The Record Collector
Bordentown, NJ

  1. Our Greatest Fears
  2. The Common Kiss
  3. Cathy’s New Clown
  4. Top of the Bottom
  5. Sussex Ghost Story
  6. Miss Fortune
  7. Dark Dark Heart
  8. Congratulations (on Your Hallucinations)
  9. The Original Miss Jesus
  10. Darwin
  11. Someday Son
  12. Daylight Ghosts
  13. Scared of Guns
  14. The Devil in Me
  1. Pound Pound Pound
  2. I Should Have Stopped
  3. What Am I Gonna Do With You

And today I play two gigs – in Staten Island at 3pm and then in Teaneck, NJ with The English UK this evening. We’ll see how my cough is doing by the end of this evening.

Man, I’m over myspace. But it’s still the best place to put up a blog, until I sort out my new websites etc.

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very best wishes to all