Bellhouse Cabinet 9/19 – setlist

For fans of Yo La Tengo, Scott McCaughey, John Oliver, Colson Whitehead, Eugene Mirman, Darin Strauss and, indeed, me, here is the set list from the sunday 6pm show, during which Eugene also played the theremin and two noisebox solos (one while Ira was attempting one of his own). I played a Flaming Lips cover version, Scott and YLT did the Kinks, and they and I did Phil Ochs. And we all played the Monkees.

It was a wonderful night, at the end of which Eugene was dunked into a dunk tank, finally done for by a ball shied by either John Oliver or Daniel Kitson. His famous last words: “Is this thing set properly?”

What a pleasure.

The Bourne show the previous night was also wondrous. And I’ll try to find a recording since it will probably end up being the only time I play my Bourne song in its final edited version.

My mother and stepfather have arrived from England. Time for a little family!

best wishes to all

at the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival
Bellhouse, Brooklyn 9/19

In the Cabinet:

  • Scott McCaughey
  • Eugene Mirman
  • John Oliver
  • Darin Strauss
  • Colson Whitehead
  • Yo La Tengo
  • & John Wesley Harding

  1. Poems – All
  2. Intro – JWH & Eugene
  3. Top of the Bottom – JWH & The English UK
  4. Reading – Darin Strauss
  5. Buckner’s Bolero – Scott McCaughey & The English UK w. Ira Kaplan
  6. Aw Shit Man – Scott McCaughey & The English UK w. Ira Kaplan
  7. Comedy – Eugene Mirman
  8. Mrs Robinson – JWH & Eugene Mirman
  9. Are you a Hypnotist?? – JWH & The English UK
  10. Oh! Pandora – JWH & The English UK
  11. Reading – Colson Whitehead
  12. Comedy – John Oliver
  13. Nothing to Hide – Yo La Tengo
  14. Satellite – Yo La Tengo
  15. Big Day Coming – Yo La Tengo
  16. See My Friends – Yo La Tengo w. Scott McCaughey
  17. Chords of Fame – Yo la Tengo w. JWH
  18. Encore: I’m a Believer – Everybody (including two bassists)